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In Spain, one of the favorite subjects is food. In our restaurant, we try to share this passion for food with our customers.

Ibiza Tapas is a very special Spanish restaurant, where the traditional and the modern fuse in a coherent way. While traditional flavors are kept, we use new techniques, reflecting the new culinary revolution where flavors and aromas play a very important role in the creation of our dishes.

Our Mission is to share the hospitality, innate at the Spanish culture, centered in our gastronomy working together with a professional service.

Kitchen Hours:


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Reservation Policy: We will hold your reservation for up to 15 minutes past your

reservation time. A credit card is required to hold a reservation for parties over 6

guests. We will charge a cancellation fee of $75 up to 8 people and $100 over 8.

Ibiza Tapas Restaurant

7 Strong Ave.

Northampton, MA 01060

Tel: (413) 303-0808

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Ibiza Tapas